Co-Chairman's Message

Dear All,

I dreamt of an institution where ancient Bhartiya Education System could merge with modern education techniques, and an institute where students can develop all their creative skills under one roof, an institute with the sole objective of providing the best possible education leaving no stone unturned.

We, at DPSG Damoh, are proud to announce our association with Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society. This is a fantastic opportunity to have such a premier institution at Damoh, to fulfil the long-cherished dream and demand of Damoh.

With the changing paradigm of education which holds no space for routine learning and passive listening, we will strive hard to provide our students with opportunities and situations that facilitate them to exhibit their hidden potential to the fullest. Academic excellence is important - but so, are the co-scholastic skills and co-curricular activities such as sports, arts & crafts, dramatics, music & dance for the overall development of the child.

Every child is different as an individual. Schooling should be about the overall development of each child with the focus on identifying latent talent through VISION and encouraging it through DILIGENCE to achieve EXCELLENCE. I am certain that this temple of learning will help the student of DPSG Damoh grow mentally alert and physically sound and get them prepared to lead their country with distinction.

I wish each student of DPSG Damoh achieves success with zeal and courage, the strength of knowledge to learn life skills to become a better human being with the help of critical, creative and cultural thinking.

Dr. Sudha Malaiya
Co- Chairperson, DPSG Damoh