Code & Policies

  1. Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence from school, habitual late coming, leaving the school premises without permission, disobedience are considered to be grave acts of indiscipline which can lead to his/her rustication from the school.
  2. Students on their way to and from the school are expected to deport themselves in a responsible manner.
  3. Students who expect to reach home late after the school due to personal reasons must inform their parents / guardians in advance.
  4. Students should not write, scratch or engrave graffiti on desks, chairs nor break, damage, or harm any school furniture or fixtures. Any damage done by someone identified will be charged along with a fine. Damage done even by accident or noticed by somebody must be reported at once to the Principal/Class Teacher.
  5. In the event of collective damage to school property in a classroom, the entire class will be charged the cost of the damages.
  6. The school is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings. It is not advisable for students to bring any valuables to school.
  7. Running and shouting or, loitering in the school premises is not allowed. And while using staircases and corridors, all must keep to the left.
  8. No money collection is allowed in the school.
  9. Bus Monitors and Teacher Escorts must ensure orderly behavior in the bus and that only valid Bus Pass holders are traveling in the bus.
  10. To attend the assembly is compulsory.
  11. To carry cellular phones, i-pods, CDs, DVDs, E-games, pen drives etc is not permitted. If they do so, the gadget will be confiscated for a period of six months .Using school phones without permission   is not allowed. They cannot be called to the school office to attend phone calls during school hours.
  12. Students are not permitted to carry and use whitener/correction fluid/thinner
  13. To bring crackers, fireworks, fire arms and any other inflammable material is not permitted. Indulgence in any act of indiscipline could be given severe punishment, as severe as suspension/expulsion from the school
  14. In order to acquire competency in spoken English, all students must converse in English while they are in school and at home. Using unfair means in a test or examination or assessment is a grave offence.
  15. A student who is found using unfair means will be awarded zero in the subject and will be given a strict warning. Repetition of the same offence will result in his/her expulsion from the school.
  16. A student  indulging  in  any  act  of  indiscipline  could  be  given  severe punishment, as severe as suspension/expulsion from the school.